Delta County Residential Internet Service Plans:
Download Speed
10 Mbps Residential 10 Mbps $30 $99.00 N Y See Notes
A, B, C, D, E, & F below
15 Mbps
15 Mbps $40 $99.00 N Y See Notes
A, B, C, D, E, & F below
25 Mbps
25 Mbps $50 $99.00 N Y See Notes
A, B, C, D, E, & F below
50 Mbps
50 Mbps $60 $99.00 N Y See Notes
A, B, C, D, E, & F below
New !!!
100 Mbps
100 Mbps $70 $99.00 N Y See Notes
A, B, C, D, E, & F below
(Only available in select neighborhoods)

A. Adaptive Internet installs a Microwave radio on the outside of your home/building and runs a network cable to the inside to a
small power adapter. An Ethernet cable will run from the power adapter to your router. Adaptive Internet does not provide routers or
WIFI access points.

B. Maximum Download Speeds are maximums. Actual speeds vary but should generally be attainable as peak speed, but are not
C. Maximum Upload Speeds are normally approximately 30% of Plan Maximum Download Speed and will depend on the distance to
our tower and signal strength. For example, if you are subscribed to the 10Mbps Plan then your Maximum Upload Speed will normally
be around 3 Mbps.  25 Mbps Plan - Maximum Upload Speed will normally be around 7.5 Mbps. Upload will vary more than download
speeds due to the nature of the technology.
D. Extra installation charges may apply when there are special installation requirements. Normal installation charges shown above
in the charts.
E. The Highest bandwidths are not available everywhere and depends on the distance from your location to one of our towers. Higher
bandwidth plans require a direct line of site to one of our service towers without excessive distances or interference. 50, 100 & 200
Mbps plans are sometimes unavailable due to connection distance, interference, obstructions or other environmental conditions.
F. Residential and Business Internet Service Plan pricing is based on monthly automatic billing to a credit card, to be setup prior to
installation. If automatic billing is not desired, then Adaptive Internet charges a $5.00 handling charge for accounts that pay over the
phone, mail in a check, or deliver payment monthly to the Adaptive Internet office or payment drop box.
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