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Phone Service:

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A. All of the Enterprise & Public Sector Plans are for direct point-to-point dedicated wireless connection link to your business with
dedicated bandwidth and a static public IP address.
B. All Enterprise & Public Sector plans are custom designed and configured based on the needs of the business.
C. Installation costs are quoted specifically for each entity and require an on-site review and are custom designed and priced
based on the needs of the business.
D. 40 Mbps and higher monthly service costs are quoted directly to each entity and are based on the needs of the business and the
speeds desired.
E. Higher bandwidths are not available everywhere and the availability is limited. Higher bandwidth plans require a direct line of
site to one of our service towers without excessive distances.
F. Dual / Multi-Link Connections to business for redundant connections to the internet are available as an option for all of the
Adaptive Internet Enterprise & Public Sector Plans. Please Contact Adaptive Communications, Inc. to arrange for and evaluation
of your business bandwidth and communications needs.
G. All Enterprise & Public Sector Plans provide one Static Public IP address. Additional Static Public IP addresses are also
available. Please contact Adaptive Communications, Inc. for more information and pricing.
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