Our History

Adaptive Communications, Inc. (DBA Adaptive Internet) is a small family owned business, operating primarily in the Mesa and
Delta County, Colorado area. When we moved here and bought our home in 2012 we contacted all the available internet
providers in the area and none of them could provide us with internet serivce. We ended up with the only option available for
our home which was satellite internet which as many of you know is completly unacceptable, slow and has data limits.

This was a huge problem for us as I worked out of the home doing software development and consulting and I had to have good
reliable internet without limits. My background is with computer software, firmware, electronics, networking and
communications, so I understood the technologies involved. There was no technical reason why Delta County residents couldn't
have good internet service to their homes. We decided we had to do something to fix this and so we looked into what it would
take to bring real high speed internet bandwidth to Delta County residents with the latest technologies that are available.

We started on this journey in late 2012. It took us over 1 1/2 years to figure out how to bring fiber optic quality high volume
wholesale internet bandwidth into the valley. None of the current phone or other service providers in the area had the
capabilities to provide what was needed so we originally contracted for a direct licensed microwave link from a fiber hub that
goes direcly back to Denver to provide us with dedicated bandwidth to the internet backbone. While this certainly wasn't a
cheap solution, it was the only good solution to provided us with the wholesale dedicated bandwidth that an internet business
needed. This is what got us to the point that we could start offering service and it provides us with a great growth path to
increase bandwidth to us as we need it.

This was the bigest hurdle to bringing in good internet service to Delta County. With this solved, we could turn our attention to
developing service sites to provide internet service from. There have been lots of challenges and ups and downs as we have
worked to invest our family resources to this goal. We started providing service from our first service location in August of
2014. This was expanded in April of 2015 when we opened our Grand Mesa Tower overlooking the Cedaredge valley. Since then
we have been slowly expanding and installing customers with our service. Just recently in April & May 2016 we have put up 3
new large towers. They are located in East Orchard City, Doctors Mesa (West of Eckert) and West Redlands Mesa. We have also
been working on more exciting tower sites as well that will continue to expand our coverage area into Mesa County.

Everything has not been completly smooth and we have certainly run into our share of problems and challenges. However, we
are committed to providing the best internet service at the most reasonable prices possible.

We will expand on this history as time allows, but for now, that explains how we got to where we are now.

Please see the Philosophy Tab above to read about and understand our Philosophy of how to provide good quality internet
services at a reasonable price to homes and businesses in Delta County.

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