Residential Adaptive Phone Service

A. Extra installation charges may apply when there are special installation requirements. Normal installation charges shown above in
chart are for a normal installation. Depending on installation requirements, types of phone(s), ISP (if not using Adpative Internet),  and
other factors, delivery of the AdaptivePhone service might require the installation of alternate equipment to overcome installation /
location issues which might require a higher installation charge to cover the cost of the alternate equipment required.

B. E911 Service provides address information for emergency calls based on the registered address where the phone service is installed.

C. Unlimited Domestic Long Distance calling is for all calls placed to landlines and mobile phones in the Continental United States
(lower 48 states).

D. Some Alarms, Fax machines Satellite TV and other systems may not be compatible with Voice Over IP phone service.

E. Monthly Cost is for monthly phone service only and does not include all taxes, government fees, E911 fees, or any equipment rental
for phones or phone adapters.

F. Adaptive Phone Service requires a low latency internet connection for proper operation. AdaptivePhone service may not work with all
Internet Service providers, especially satellite Internet. AdaptivePhone Service is not available in all areas.

G. Adaptive Communications, Inc. can port your existing phone # as long as your current phone company allows your current number to
be ported.

H. Long distance calls to Hawaii, Alaska, and all phone #'s outside of the United States will be charged at the current per minute rates
that apply at the time of the call.
Bundled with Adaptive Internet Service $19.95
phone line
phone line
N See Notes
A, B, C, D,
E, F & G
Without Internet Service $19.95
phone line
phone line
N See Notes
A, B, C, D,
E, F & G
No Contracts
Unlimited Domestic Long Distance - Call anywhere in the Lower 48 United States for no additional cost.
Caller ID
Call Waiting
3-way calling
Call transfer
Call Forwarding
Compatible with most Fax machines
E911 Service
Free Number Porting - Keep your current phone number(s) !!
Works best with Adaptive Internet Service
Many more !!
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